Heath and Aging


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Hearing Loss

Learn about the types of hearing loss common in older people, devices that can help you hear better, and tips to help people cope with hearing loss.

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Keywords: Ear Nose Throat

Smoking: It's Never Too Late to Stop

Stop smoking now to lower your risk of pneumonia, bronchitis, cancer, heart attack, stroke, influenza, and emphysema. Get tips to quit and feel better!

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Keywords: Smoking, Lungs and Breathing, Cancer


Read about stroke symptoms, like being confused, numb, or dizzy, and why to call 911 right away. Learn about TIA and the need to control hypertension.

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Keywords: Stroke, Cardiovascular

Older Adults and Alcohol: You Can Get Help

Learn about the effects of alcohol as you get older. Find out how to get help for a drinking problem and tips to stop drinking and get sober.

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Keywords: Alcohol Use or Abuse